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About the Blog: This blog looks at all manner of things relating to poetry, art, and life in the arts. A threshold is a doorway, a place of betweenness. The threshold view is the perspective that looks in more than one direction at the same time, often inwardly to the self and outwardly to the world. It is a paradoxical location; on the threshold we are neither here nor there, yet we are in the exact spot that connects one thing with another.

A threshold is also the point at which things previously unknown to us can become noticeable and noticed: the threshold of our awareness.

Sometimes, through loss, illness, or other major transitions, life thrusts us into the liminal place that is the threshold. And sometimes we choose the threshold life; it is a necessary life for the artist and for anyone seeking a life of meaning.  A large part of our work as artists, writers, or engaged human beings is to invent for ourselves how to live on, or from, the threshold.

Sometimes the content here is general to the arts, sometimes geared specifically to either art-making or writing. The ideas, though, are rarely limited to one discipline and can be applied to both.

This blog’s title, “The Threshold View,” was long ago inspired by Jane Hirshfield’s, Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry (HarperCollins Publishers, 1997), most notably the last chapter, “Writing and the Threshold Life.”

About Me: I am writer of poetry and essays and a visual artist. I’ve done both, back and forth and together, all my adult life.

In the early eighties I studied art-making at the New York Feminist Art Institute, and later (in 1988) I got my master’s degree from Lesley University, an independent study in “The Creative Process in the Arts.” Since then, in addition to making poems and paintings, I’ve been teaching, consulting, curating, editing, and conversing with artists and writers about their work. You can look at my art and read my writing on my website. And see the “Consulting” page on this blog for information about current teaching and editorial consulting. I have published a chapbook, Requitements (Elephant Tree House, revised edition 2015), an e-book collection, Unseen Avenue (Argotist E-books, 2016) and am co-editor, with Moira Richards and Lesley Wheeler, of Letters to the World; Poems from the Wom-po Listserv (Red Hen Press, 2008), an international anthology and world-wide Internet collaboration. (Wom-po is “The Discussion of Women’s Poetry Listserv,” active online since 1997.)


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