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I like to have conversations with people about their art.

I am a visual artist and writer, who has taught, edited, curated, and conversed with other artists for a number of decades. In my own art life, I practice both painting and poetry. As a young woman, I studied at the New York Feminist Art Institute in New York City, and later completed my M.A. in “The Creative Process in the Arts” at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA.

Along the way I realized that “craft” is multi-dimensional. It involves the mastery of techniques, tools, and materials unique to each discipline, but more fundamentally, it involves the development of skills and attitudes that are universal to all artistic endeavors: cultivating receptivity and openness, taking a non-judging stance, trusting one’s pre-existing originality.

I emphasize the latter but do not neglect the former.

I work with both artists and writers, beginning and experienced, who want to deepen their relationship to their own work and creative process. I visit artists’ studios for in-depth conversation and looking at work, and correspond at length with writers about their individual poems and manuscripts and other writerly concerns. See below for full description of services.

In addition to my education described above, I’ve had an active professional life in the visual arts and writing. See my website for lots of examples of my work, shows and publications in both areas. See the “About” page for more bio.

The Reading Room, drawing by RSDESCRIPTION OF SERVICES
Please email me about fees, and with any questions.

Studio Visits: I visit artists’ studios for shared looking and in-depth conversation about finished work and work in progress. Within local area.

Writer conversations. In-depth conversation about finished work, work-in-progress, and writerly concerns, both general and specific to the individual. By phone or in person. This works best after I become familiar with your work through one of the means described below:

Manuscript Reviews: I work by mail and email with poets and, occasionally, nonfiction writers. I provide thoughtful commentary on groups of poems, essays, and manuscripts by writers at all stages of development. There are several options listed below; however, individual plans can be made to fit the writer’s needs. The turnaround time is two weeks for groups of poems, one month for manuscripts, unless otherwise agreed to.
A4 pages: with margin notes and written assessment
B 8 pages: with margin notes and written assessment
C.  Full manuscript review: for those who want a thoughtful, in-depth response to their collections, rather than advice specifically geared to preparing a manuscript for publication. Reviews include written commentary on the collection as a whole, and margin notes on individual poems.

Writing or Art Tutorials: Three-month long jointly-designed writing or art engagements, including email exchange and conversation. Please inquire.

Classes and workshops: Offered periodically. New offerings will be posted on the blog.

Talks: I give presentations on creative process, art as practice, and similar topics related to creativity.

Please email me about fees, and with any questions you may have.


“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Rosemary Starace as a fellow visual artist and writer, teacher, gallery director, supporter and initiator of local art projects, and friend. For the past several years we’ve shared work in a weekly writers group. Rosemary brings more than her trademark energy, wit and enthusiasm to the group.  With utmost respect for the work, she uses her sharp mind to intuitively ask just the right question, sparking a conversation that often leads to a deeper understanding of the writer’s intent and meaning. She can take a word or phrase in a piece of writing and facilitate an exploration, so that what may be unclear in a poem, or essay, inevitably reveals itself.  In this, as in her other endeavors, she has invaluable talent.”
—Florence Grende

“Not surprisingly, since she is a poet, Rosemary is particularly sensitive to the sounds, images, and rhythm of language, and though I write prose, I find her comments especially helpful and fresh.  Her reflections are both honest and supportive, and I feel she’s fully involved in helping me tell the story I’m searching for.”
—Chris Erb

“I’ve been meeting  weekly with Rosemary and two other writers for years and am now working with her on putting together for publication a manuscript of my poems.  I very much appreciate her approach to a piece of writing.  She is a careful and receptive listener.  She wants to become acquainted with what appears on a page, to find the heart of the work, and only then to offer observations about what parts of the work may best serve that intention.  Her work is smart, intuitive,  careful, and appreciative of the nuances of meaning and sound that words convey. Working with her has been extremely enjoyable and useful.”
—Susan Hartung

“She changed my life.”
—Joel Schapira

“Rosemary’s own curiosity about and love of the creative process has time and time again reassured me, excited me, and pulled me out of my shell. Each time I consult with her I come away enriched and keen with renewed faith in my own creativity.”
—Boots Garrett

“As a teacher, Rosemary is a gift. She is infinitely patient and profoundly interested and present. She works with the student where the student is: she doesn’t force the student to come to her. She is the most respectful teacher I have ever met. She is definitely one of a kind. She has a great deal of personal and artistic integrity and conviction … a great gift to pass on to others.”
—S. Herkowitz

Sampling of feedback from four years of art/poetry workshops at Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa, Lenox, MA:
“Affirming in the most profound ways.”
“Very supportive in process of opening to one’s creative impulses.”
“She took us from one spot to the other with such ease and grace. She was calming, very positive and very enthusiastic.”
“Just what I wanted—an excellent class.”
“This was fabulous. Instructor is a gem. This was my most memorable experience here.”
“Rosemary’s class was the best evening of all.”
“Super! This lady is the very best of all the activities. Totally fun.”
“This is the highlight of my week, and very helpful.”
“Rosemary Starace was terrific. She was very enthusiastic, very supportive…. She has tremendous knowledge and ability to teach and help develop the creative process from within.”


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